Why Learning Should Be Fun

motor room

A peek into our sensory and motor room

“Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I LEARN.” – Benjamin Franklin

Kids are learning every second of every day. From parents to teachers and even therapy providers, our jobs are to teach kids.

One of the differences among all children is the unique nature of their interests. Not all kids like the same things. Johnny might like hot wheels, while Timmy likes to build with blocks. Jenny likes to color, while Katie likes to play with sculpting doh. The point is that no two kids are alike, and this is even more true for kids with Autism. So why expect to teach them in the same way?

As ABA therapy providers for children with Autism and other developmental challenges our jobs can be more complex than you might think. In order to teach them skills like language and communication, social skills, self care and skills for autonomy, kids must want to learn. Without motivation, learning can be challenging to say the least.

Therefore, motivation, is the biggest tool in our box to teach kids with unique interests. We find what a kid likes the most and use it to capture their attention and increase their desire to ask for items, activities, and interactions with others related to that item. Once we have engagement, communication, social skills and academics can quickly follow.

One of the things that sets ABA therapy apart is its focus on individualized goals and programs for each child. Not only do we focus on finding what is important to teach a child, but how that child learns best. While this isn’t always easy, it is very important for the success of each child.