What is “autism therapy”?

Autism therapy is a word that describes the attempt to lessen the deficits and maladaptive behaviors of some individuals with Autism. The goal is to increase the functional independence and quality of lives of those affected by Autism.

The term “autism therapy”  is most synonymous with ABA therapy, but has also be used to refer to other treatments as well.  Applied Behavior Analysis, or ABA therapy, is the application of principles of learning and motivation to produce socially relevant changes in a behavior. ABA seeks to identify the academic, social and behavioral deficits of an individual and teach those skills needed to increase their ability to navigate their environment in an enjoyable way.

ABA  is a person-centered approach that tailors treatment programs to the specific needs of the individual. Using a person’s interest to spark motivation for learning and interacting, ABA therapists can facilitate skill acquisition and behavior change in a way that  is effective and fun for the individual.