Consultation We would love to meet to discuss how we can help your family.

We offer consultation services designed to evaluate the needs of the family and individual, as well as conduct functional assessments for those needs to better identify program goals.

  • Initial consultations are meant to discuss the general goals and needs and evaluate whether services are needed.
  • Routine consultations include designing new treatment plans, as well as for monitoring existing educational and/or behavioral support programs already being implemented.

ABA program development, and monitoring is based on the unique skills and needs of the individual. Therefore, routine consultations are recommended to be scheduled, at minimum, bi-monthly in order to ensure the effectiveness of the treatment program, as well as address any training or family support needs. Consultations are typically two hours in length, but can be modified for the purposes of meeting the needs of the client and family.

Consultations and program monitoring are services that are offered strictly by the Board Certified Behavior Analyst.