Autism Therapy  

Autism Therapy is one way to describe a procedure used to help treat the symptoms of Autism. A term more commonly associated with the treatment of Autism is “behavior therapy”. While there is no standard definition of “behavior therapy”, it has been most often interchanged with “Applied Behavior Analysis” or “ABA” in recent years.

Historically, the term behavior therapy is rooted in the two basic principles of classical and operant conditioning. For our purposes, we will focus on operant conditioning; the foundation for the principles used in Applied Behavior Analysis.

Applied Behavior Analysis uses objective data to drive decision-making in intervention and treatment programs. Data is collected and used to determine the progress of an intervention procedure. The use of data makes it clear as to whether procedures need to be added, terminated or changed in any form. Programs should be assessed frequently to ensure the data is driving the future of the program.

ABA is now the leading, and only scientifically validated, approach for the treatment of Autism. Long rooted in techniques for changing behavior, these methods are highly focused on reinforcement to bring about a positive change in a person’s behavior.



We provide ABA services for the areas of Knoxville, Farragut, Maryville, Oak Ridge, Crossville, Lenoir City, Loudon, and Kingston.