Play And Learn Sessions Have fun, Play together, Make friends!

 Play And Learn SessionsWe have some great programs to teach social skills, involve peers in everyday interactions and facilitate age appropriate language skills among friends in our unique PALs programs.

Pre-K PALs

Our Pre-K PALs program is designed for little ones ages 2-5.

We teach skills like sharing toys, turn taking, showing interest in the activities of others and initiating conversation with others during our fun Play And Learn Sessions. Using the many of the fun toys and activities we have at our center, we let kids lead the play session while we encourage and teach the additional skills needed to make for a fun cooperative play time. Our sensory and motor room is a perfect place for these sessions as all of our kids love the activities and opportunities available here.

These sessions are held twice a week and are typically an hour in length. In order to accommodate our little one’s eating and nap schedules, we conduct these sessions in the morning prior to lunch.

K-4th PALs

Our K through 4th grade PALs program is designed for kids ages 5 – 9.

These Play And Learn Sessions are centered on more structured activities like legos, crafts, imaginative and dramatic play. The focus of these sessions is to turn free play into coordinated play among friends, where kids initiate conversations, involve others in their activity, and even coordinate one central activity among all peers. The idea is to teach skills that encourage kids to make joint decisions about an activity everyone can enjoy and engage in meaningful conversation during these activities.

These sessions are held once a week and are typically an hour and half in length. In order to accommodate our friend’s school schedules, we conduct these sessions in the late afternoon.

5th and above PALs

Our 5th grade and above PALs program is designed for kids 9 – 16.

We want to offer our older friends a unique experience as these developmental years are formative for many growing skill sets used into adulthood. The focus of these sessions is to facilitate meaningful interactions between peers that can develop into lasting friendships. While we do conduct some of these Play And Learn Sessions at the center, many are held in community settings around town like Bricks4Kids, The Muse, Jump Jam and more.

These sessions are typically 90 minutes to two hours and are held based on a sign up basis of preferred times for parents to accommodate all of the activities our friend’s are involved in during the week. We try to find the best time and day of the week to fit everyone’s schedule, so be on the lookout at the reception desk for the monthly sign up.