School Readiness Session Ready, Set, GROW!

8cxKpn7ziWe know that early intervention is crucial for the success of any child, which is why we offer School Readiness Sessions to teach your child the skills needed to be successful in a preschool or kindergarten classroom.

In the School Readiness Session your child will learn skills like:

  • Sitting in group time (Circle time)
  • Attending to the instructor
  • Participating in quiet activities
  • Engaging in structured academic or entertainment tasks
  • Participating in activities with peers
  • Cooperatively playing with peers
  • and more!

Our sessions provide direct therapy that teach skills that are the foundation for future education. These sessions are developed to focus on tasks and to encourage the behaviors your child needs to successfully engage in a school setting. Our low child-adult ratio provides more individualized attention and customized goals, maximizing your child’s ability to enter preschool or kindergarten when they are ready.

Our School Readiness Sessions are offered two, three or five days a week. Contact us to find out more information or to schedule a tour.