Support Families play an important role and are encouraged to participate in our programs.

We offer sibling, family and caregiver support services to help integrate loved ones into treatment goals. We understand that families need support as well. In order to offer integrative services, we also conduct family training sessions to help a clients loved ones learn the principles for both educational and  behavioral goals.

While we understand that schedules are busy, programs are most successful when everyone that surrounds a person get involved with the training and shaping of that persons behavior. Consistency is key, and important, when it comes to the overall success of a individual’s program.

Training sessions are most often scheduled during one of the normally scheduled therapy sessions, and those involved are encouraged to sit in to observe and ask questions. Most training sessions are conducted by the program supervisor (the BCBA) or the behavior technician if that person is the primary service provider for 1:1 therapy sessions.