In-network provider - including BlueCare and TennCare

We are one of few providers in the Knoxville area that accept major insurance plans to cover the cost of ABA services, including Medicare programs. We are in-network with plans through BlueCare, TennCare Select, Humana Behavioral Health, Magellan Health and more.

See our "Insurance Coverage" page to learn more about the list of currently accepted insurance carriers and find how we can help you with the costs of ABA therapy.

State of the art therapy center including a sensory motor room.

Learning should be fun! At Behavioral Foundations we know that if your child isn't motivated and having fun, the opportunities for learning go out the window. That is why we have stocked our center with engaging ABA therapy rooms and a fun sensory and motor room to encourage your child's communication and social skills.

Schedule a tour of our facility to take a look for yourself at the fun learning center we have to offer your child.

Social and peer interaction programs including art and music activities.

We have some great programs to teach social skills, involve peers in everyday interactions and facilitate age appropriate language skills among friends in our unique Play And Learn Session (PALS) programs. Using fun activities like art, music, creative building projects, and fun community outings, we teach kids of all ages and skill levels to engage in meaningful interactions with one another and build friendships.

Read more about our Play And Learn Session programs to see how we can help your child form lasting bonds with peers of their age group.

Community based services available in your home or child's school.

We offer some great programs at our center-based location, including opportunities for fun communication sessions using our sensory and motor room, arts and craft time, direct ABA therapy sessions and our unique peer programs (or PALS program). However, we also understand that some families have needs that are better addressed in the home or community, which is why we also offer services to be provided to you at your home or other community setting (such as a daycare, school etc).

Contact us at to learn more about which service location may be a good fit for you and your child.

Director of services is a Doctoral- level Behavior Analyst.

Dr. Melissa Switzer is the owner and director of Behavioral Foundations. She has over 14 years of experience in the field of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) and has worked with a wide range of individuals and settings. As a Doctoral-level Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) she is responsible for all program development, monitoring and supervision of services offered at Behavioral Foundations.

To learn more about the role of a Behavior Analyst, and why it is so important for your child's program to be directly led by a BCBA, read "Why Do I Need A BCBA?"

At Behavioral Foundations, we offer consultation, treatment and therapy, and family support services for those with children, teens or adults on the Autism Spectrum and other challenges.

We are a team of compassionate and experienced professionals specializing in the application of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), offering therapy and support services through behavioral and educational programs.

Our services are based on the unique needs and skills of the individual. All programs are designed to fit these unique interests and abilities in order to help your child reach their individualized goals, while also having fun.

We believe in quality programming and provide all of our clients with services directly led by a Doctoral level Board Certified Behavior Analyst BCBA-D. We also accept many insurance plans!

It is our goal to serve as those in need here in East Tennessee. We currently serve the areas of Knoxville, Farragut, Maryville, Oak Ridge, Lenoir City, Loudon, and Kingston.